Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer 3200 PSI and 2.5 GPM, Soap Tank and Five Nozzle Set, CARB Compliant Aurora CO

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The Westinghouse WPX3200 3, 200 PSI 2. 5 GPM Gas Powered Pressure Washer has the muscle to blast away grime from even your toughest cleaning jobs. Built from a powerful 4-Cycle Horizontal Shaft OHV Westinghouse Engine, its meant for a powerful heavy-duty cleaning. From a range of 5 nozzle tips…

3 reviews for "Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer 3200 PSI and 2.5 GPM, Soap Tank and Five Nozzle Set, CARB Compliant Aurora CO"

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    Arrived safe and sound. Ten mins to assemble without reading instructions. Wonderful design. Started on first pull. Far better pressure than my last unit. Built a 16×16 trex deck and huge bluestone patio. Powerwashed them both plus belgian blocks, pavers and our rock wall. Performed wonderfully. Blasted all of the moss and mold away without harming the stone or trex. Always starts with one pull and runs flawlessly. Best pressure washer by far of the 3 I have owned. Thrilled with my purchase and the quality and value of this unit. We have nearly 3 acres with lots of deck and patio and stone walls to wash. Perfect for boats and RVs. Great unit for any homeowner with lots of property to maintain.

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     The assembly of the device is pretty easy and everything seems sturdy and well made. The volume level is reasonable for this type of device (need hearing protection).See the pictures and video for a view of the perfomance of the machine (quite good). It has started every single time with one or two pulls.There are 4 design issues that really lower the usability of the machine, however. Thus the 2 star instead of 5 star review. Presented in the order of least to most annoying:1) The choke and gas flow levers on the carb seem incredibly flimsy. I would be very surprised if they last more than a few weeks. They bend and flex at odd angles just trying to turn on the choke for the first cold start.2) The gas tank is smallish – with a filter (good) that flows kind of slow (bad). With the filter in place there is no way to tell if the tank is nearly full. Every time I fill the tank I end up pouring gasoline everywhere. When full, it is INSTANTLY full and even quick reaction time will pour some gas over the tank.3) The outlet for the power wand runs right beside the muffler. I gently bent it back to exit the rear of the machine. If you are not extremely careful the plastic hose will touch the muffler, and you’re back at the store looking to buy a new (expensive) hose.4) This is the WORST one. The others are tolerable at this price point. The direction of the garden hose inlet forces the hose to rest on top of the wheel (see the pictures) Under power (not idle) the unit shimmies a LOT. In the course of about *3 hours* (You read that right, 3 hours) of cleaning, this shake, shake shake rubbed a hole in the side of my garden hose, causing water to spray EVERYWHERE. My temporary fix was to zip-tie the hose to the top of the handle so it doesn’t touch the wheel. I guess I’ll have to get a hose leader and permanently attach it somehow to the unit, probably exiting near the top. Maybe a 45* gooseneck will point it away from the wheel?

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    I chose this high-pressure Westinghouse washer as the result of good ratings and my own experience with one of their whole-house generators. As far as I’m concerned, the construction and materials used in this washer are absolutely on par with any of the high-priced brands. The Westinghouse high-torque OHV engine is a proven workhorse that is used in many of their other stationary and portable products. Of note, this washer has not failed to start on the first pull. Not once!I don’t use ethanol laced gas in any of my small engines. Curiously, when I called Westinghouse Tech Support to ask if there would be any problems using non-ethanol gas, the tech said: “The company states that ethanol (E10) gas should be used. However, I’ve always used non-ethanol gas in all of my equipment. No problem.” Also, skip installing the included quart of “Small Engine Oil” and substitute a good quality synthetic automotive oil. With no ethanol and a synthetic oil this washer should provide many years of reliable service.

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