Toro 99-9313 KIT – Power Clear 21″ Replacement paddles(2) 99-9313, Scraper Bar(1) 133-5585 and Belt(1) 108-4921

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Toro Power Clear 21″ Replacement Kit


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    The Toro 99-9313 kit fit my 9 year old Power Clear 210 R purchased from Home depot perfectly. The paddles and scraper bar are not difficult to change with the proper tools. Tools needed are: 7/16″ wrench and socket with ratchet, and a 25T torx socket. The 4 torx headed bolts were reusable, but I broke one of the 1/4″ X 3/4″ L bolts when reinstalling them, so I replaced all 4 of them. They were grade 5. I recommend installing the paddles one at a time to be sure they’re installed correctly. Don’t forget to remove the spacers stuck in the old paddles and install them with the new ones. To replace the Scraper bar the tools needed are: 1/2″ wrench and a 9/16″ wrench or socket. It is an easy change, but take note of how the 2 springs are installed to put them in the same way.This is a nice kit and I’m happy with how everything fit. My 9 year old paddles were worn down more than 5/8″ after comparing them to the new ones and the scraper bar was pretty beat up too. The original belt still looked good, so I’m saving the new belt that came with this kit for future replacement as needed. I shopped my home town Toro dealer to check on his price before ordering. I was told he’d have to order all 3 pieces separately and the cost was about $30 more, so this kit is a good buy at $55.85.

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    Perfect fit. Lined up the replacement parts with the original paddles and they are a perfect match. No issues fitting them, do be careful removing the nuts and bolts (don’t strip the screwheads), since hardware is not included. You will need a Torx bit, and an impact driver or cordless drill is useful in removing the hardware. I recommend replacing one blade at a time, just in case you forget how things go together.The scraper bar on mine was not worn much, but I replaced it anyways. There are springs that allow the bar to flex. Needle nose pliers and a screwdriver are helpful here to re-attach the springs. I didn’t replace the belt as it is not slipping and would have required removing the cover and I was in a bit of a hurry. I’ll replace it in the spring when I’m putting it away for the year.The blades and bar took about 1/2 an hour to replace.The original blades were pretty well worn out. The new blades perform like new.

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    I have had my snow blower for several years and now live in northern Michigan with lake effect snow. Before I installed these parts it hardly threw the snow and the snow/slush heavy stuff would totally bog down the machine. After installing these parts (not the easiest thing to do) the snow blower was like new! I cleaned the old packed down stuff off the drivesway and walks and it would throw it about 15-20′. Thought I’d have to get a new snow blower but not anymore.

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