TACKLIFE 3300PSI Gas Pressure Washer 6.5HP Power Engine 212cc, 30ft Pressure Hose, 5 Adjustable Nozzles, 1.2gal Large soap Tank, Energy Efficient Ideal for Cleaning up Yards, Ground, Trucks Aurora CO

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 🔧Tacklife —— A brand specializing in tools; 🚗【Powerful】 Tacklife Pressure Washer generates up to 3300 PSI of water pressure and 2.6 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning power. 80% higher cleaning power than electric…

3 reviews for "TACKLIFE 3300PSI Gas Pressure Washer 6.5HP Power Engine 212cc, 30ft Pressure Hose, 5 Adjustable Nozzles, 1.2gal Large soap Tank, Energy Efficient Ideal for Cleaning up Yards, Ground, Trucks Aurora CO"

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    After having used an electric pressure washer for a number of years it quit working for me. The pressure wasn’t strong enough to clear the dirt and debris from my home and patio. Now that I have utilized this one, I will never use an electric one again!Some details that are important that provide the strength behind the machine is the combination of a power copper motor and the pump. This give the pressure washer 3,300 PSI, which is strong enough to remove paint of fencing and other materials.Note: If you do not have a hose that releases 2.6 GPM of water you will not have the full 3,300 PSI since the two are directly related.Uses:I have used this pressure washer to quickly, efficiently and easily clean up my patio, yard, fencing, outdoor furniture, garage, home walls, cars and my child’s playset.Specifications:Gas Tank: 1 gallon gas tank which I was surprised at the amount of gas that the tank could hold. I was able to pressure wash my entire back patio in one tank, which was about 5 hours of washing.Soap Tank: The Soap tank holds 3.8L and can produce foam (which is great for car washing) and dilutes the soap with the water, it lasts for a long time, so be sure to use the right amount for the job. I used patio cleaner and half a soap tank covered about 700 sq. ft.Wheels:If you have ever had to handle lawn equipment, you want it to have nice wheels. The wheels used on this are superb, they are thick “air” tires that allow you to move it easily through the lawn.Spray Gun:The handle of the spray gun is plastic but the pressurized portion is metal which makes it more durable.Hose:I have run into issues in the past with the hoses of washers not lasting as long as needed, this hose is very thick, and I don’t foresee having any issues with punctures due to its 3-layers.Nozzles:The pressure washer comes with 5 different nozzles, they are considered “quick connect” because you simply press them into the top of the spray gun, BE SURE THAT YOU PULL THE NOZZLE PRIOR TO STARTING, you want to ensure that you secured the nozzle. Sizes of nozzles and uses:0°Remember that this pressure washing is very strong, if you use the zero degree nozzle, I would take care in where you use it, I only used this when I wanted to fully remove paint from my fence, it is strong enough to cut through wood, so gauge the distance when you use it.15°The fifteen-degree nozzle I used for tough concrete stains, but I used it at a little distance so I didn’t cause any damage.25°The twenty-five-degree nozzle was ideal for most of my needs, it removed deep stains from my stucco and I could use it on the exterior of my home.40°The forty-degree nozzle is great for automobiles and screens, it instantly removed all the pollen and dirt off of my screened porch!SoapIf you want soap to be dispensed this MUST be connect to the sprayer and the pressure washer turned on.Storage:The pressure wash has a steel construction frame that nicely tucks away and stores the water pipe, 5 nozzles and spray gun.Things to Note:1. BE SURE to purchase the proper oil for the pressure washer SAE10W302. Use the proper gas, no more than 10% ethanol3. Connect your water source and pull the nozzle trigger for at least a few min, you need to make sure that all the air is removed from the hose.4. Expect it to be a little bumpy at the startup, when the engine starts using the oil you placed in the machine the initial use will use more than later uses, just expect it and use it for about 30 min the first time around and check all the fluids.Follow the instructions and the owner’s manual and this pressure washer will meet and exceed your expectations. I am extremely satisfied with it, and I have been able to clean everything outside!

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     This pressure washer is much better then I expected. Amazon did a great job delivering it to me in one box, unscathed and very easy to assemble. All I had to do was connect a few hoses, pop on one wheel, and the handle used for pushing or pulling the pressure washer.I really love how the nozzles are interchangeable depending on what I’m cleaning and they’re well organized, including the soap dispenser nozzle. I do have an electric pressure washer but this one give me the ability to use the unit without electricity of course. The unit is easy to start and run. Makes as much noise as any approximately 210 CC engine would make. The company provides a spark plug tool as well.The 6.5HP engine pushes out the water like a mini torpedo with high pressure. I’m surprised that the unit puts out a water savings amount of 2.6 gallons per minute which is fantastic for how effective the water pressure and spray is. The long hose stores easily on the unit along with the wand and makes it all self contained.I’m using this for an industrial application (cleaning oily areas, oil residue, and siding) but this would work for home / consumer use as well. Price wise, I think this Chinese brand is competitive yet puts out a solidly built and a quality product.Lastly, the large wheels make rolling the pressure washer and breeze, and the manufacturer did provide me with two extra O rings, a funnel, well written instructions, and a spark plug changing tool, and a slim poker tool for the nozzle tips. Make sure to add oil to the engine, as well as gas!

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    When I received this product, I was worried about the difficulty of operation, but now it seems, don’t worry about it at all. There are two wheels, frame, engine and lots of accessories in the box. I quickly assembled it, and because there were two big wheels, it could move easily. The side walk of our garden was so dirty that I could’t wait to cleaning the road. After toping off the oil, this item did a beautiful job. I has a high pressure by using the red nozzle. But I perfer the green one. It has both large areas of water, pressure is enough to clean the sideway up. overall it’s very very worth the price for the power you get with it. Highly recommended!

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