Panari CCR2450 Carburetor for Toro Snow Blower CCR2400 CCR2500 CCR3000 CCR3600 CCR3650 Snowblower Toro R-TEK 2-Cycle Engines

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Fits the following Toro snowthrower CCR 2400 CCR 2450 GTS CCR 2450 CCR 2500 CCR 3000 CCR 3600 CCR 3650 GTS CCR 3650 Power Max 6000 Power Max 726 TE


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    Purchased this product for my 10-year-old CCR3650 that had the original plastic carb. Looks like mine lasted longer than most, but it started leaking at the end of last season. I purchased this carb to replace the plastic one. Obviously, this is an after-market product but was much less expensive than the OEM part so I decided to give it a try. The short answer is that it works and my snow blower is running great BUT it took some effort to get it to work.Modifications Required (for me):• The gaskets are off and don’t line up. The bolt holes are too wide and need to be elongated with a knife or hole punch.• The bolt holes on the carb were not cleaned up after casting and I had to file away casting remains with a circular file to get the bolts through the holes.• The throttle arm is too long and will hit a bolt on the engine. Had to grind away a bit of the throttle arm to get it to move freely.• The shutoff had some gunk (grease?) in it I had to blow out before installing.• Plumbing kit only comes with 4 hose clamps (not 6) which is fine, but you have to reuse two of the hose clamps from the original install if you want to install the shutoff and filter.• Once installed and gassed up the carb leaked out of the bowl. Had to tighten the bowl on the carb to get it to stop leaking.All that being said, a 15-minute job turned into an hour job but, given the difference in price, I was OK spending a little extra time. The good news is that the snow blower runs as good as new and no longer leaks! If you are OK with doing a few modifications this product may be good for you.

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    Did not work for my Toro snow blower. This carburetor was listed as replacement for my model, the motor will not run correctly and I cannot adjust the carburetor. It will only surge at low idle and not reach operational RPM range.

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    Out of the package product looked good, but there were no gaskets and the fuel filter was separated. My original gaskets were still okay so i reused them. Upon installing the screws they would fit through the rear holes of the carb. Had to use a drill bit to get screws to fit. Got everything hooked up, used my original filter since the one supplied was broken. Used supplied fuel line since my line was in bad shape. Got everything hooked up and fuel began leaking from fuel lines around the carb and filter. Removed fuel lines and reinstalled my old lines and leaks were gone. Started the snowblower and was not surprised that it didn’t run very well at all considering all the previous mishaps that started when package was opened. Engine surged very badly and I was unable to get it to smooth out as the only adjustment is an idle stop screw. Bottom line here, don’t waste your money on cheap knock off carbs. The OEM carb from briggs is quite a bit more expensive but is well worth the investment.

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