OEM Toro Power Clear 721 Snowblower Paddle 38261, Scraper 133-5585P, V-Belt 121-6622 Kit with Hardware

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Kit includes OEM Toro Rotor Blades (Paddles), Scraper and all hardware required to replace worn parts. Toro Paddle Kit 38261 includes Rotor Blade 99-9313 (Quantity 2), Screw 84-1971 (Quantity 8), Nut Lock 3296-56 (Quantity 13), Rotor Blade Spacer 55-9370 (Quantity 4), Screw Hex Head 321-4…


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    I’m embarrassed to admit after 40 years of owning paddle type snow blowers that fairly regular replacement of the rubber paddles is essential to preserve the machine’s ability to throw snow the distance you need. Mostly because of the weather when I needed to care for my machine (since I seldom plan far ahead), I have had almost all the maintenance on my snow blowers done by pros. Without my thinking about it, the paddles were replaced. But this year I needed to economize, and decided to do all the seasonal maintenance myself. I got the engine in perfect working order, but at the first snowfall it just would not throw snow far enough. When I looked further, I realized that the paddles had been chewed up badly, and the scraper bar was essentially one. I bought and installed these parts (I didn’t need to use the belt) and my machine cleared heavy snow like it was brand new. CAUTION: You need decent mechanical skills and intuition to replace the paddle and scraper, then adjust them for proper fit and operation. The C-shaped paddle is high quality, but therefore very stiff. Your need to bend it significantly, working in very tight tolerances, to bolt it on. The instructions don’t explain anything about how you reinstall the bolts in the very tight quarters on the side of the drum, so you have to finesse that with your own tools and wit. I wouldn’t jump to trying this replacement without other mechanical experience assembling ornery parts, or a determination to persevere and learn.

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    This review is for the OEM Toro Power Clear 721 Snowblower Paddle 38261, Scraper 38269, V-Belt 121-6622 kit purchased from `The Mower Shop’ and fulfilled by Amazon. This kit was ordered for a Toro Power Clear 721 QZE 21″ Quick Shoot Single-Stage Electric Start Gasoline Snow Blower unit. It arrived quickly from the vendor, The Mower Shop, and was very nicely packaged. Thanks to The Mower Shop for the free package of Toro brand fuel stabilizer as well, a nice little gift packaged along with the kit, and the personal note of thanks for the purchase. Both a nice touch. The scraper and paddle portions of the kit do indeed include all needed hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) that are needed to replace those components. No need to scrounge through parts lists to find and order each separate part. This is a nice kit to have on hand. Who wants to have a belt or scraper break in the middle of a plow job and have no replacement on hand? I have read elsewhere that it is a good idea to replace the paddle set when you replace the scraper (and vice-verse) so that the components wear evenly and don’t put excess wear on the other parts. I’ve not had to do this yet but wanted to share that with anyone reading this.

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    I ordered this kit to replace the worn parts on my Toro Power Clear 721 snowblower. I received the parts and installed the two paddles and the scraper. When I attempted to install the belt I discovered that the belt was too wide to fit my unit. I contacted the seller and after a few emails back and forth and a couple of phone calls I discovered that depending on the serial number of the snow thrower, that the belt used could be a different size. The sellers description did not disclose that bit of information. The sellers solution was for me to return all of the parts in the kit and then reorder a different kit. I don’t understand that since they were not clear in their description and the rest of the parts were correct, why they didn’t simply send out the correct belt in the interest of good customer service and goodwill. Since the rest of the parts in the order were correct and are installed I ended up buying the belt from another vendor.

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