Genuine Toro PowerClear 621 and 721 Snowblower Paddle and Scraper Kit (99-9313, 133-5585 (replaces 108-4884))

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Repower your Toro Power Clear 621 and 721. Fits Toro models 34001 (Insight) 34002 (Insight) 38451 (Power Clear 621 R) 38452 (Power Clear 621 E) 38453 (Power Clear 621 ZR) 38454 (Power Clear) 38458 (Power Clear 621 QZR) 38459 (Power Clear 621 QZE) 38564 (CCR 6053 Quick Clear) 38567 (CCR 6053 R…


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    I have owed the Toro 721 snowblower for three winter seasons. I live in southeast region of WI so we get a decent amount of snow. After three seasons, the factory installed scraper and paddles were shot and the blower wouldn’t really throw. I initially replaced just the belt but quickly realized that I needed the paddles and scraper as well.These paddles are far superior than the factory installed paddles. I could immediately tell the difference by the way in which they were gripping the surface while rotating. I only assume this means that my snowblower will be back in action for the next snowfall. The factory installed paddles have a thin rubber lip that’s about 3/4 inch wide that goes around the edge of the paddle (i.e., the lip is not the same thickness as the rest of the paddle). With these replacement paddles, the thickness is the same everywhere which means more grip and hopefully a better “sweep”.There are two bolts that are a pain when installing/removing the paddles; however, any handy person shouldn’t have too much trouble. The clearance on the ends is tight but using a combination wrench on one side and a socket wrench on the other should do the trick. Note that the two bolts on the end are torx and you’ll need a T25 (at least on the Toro 721). Also, once you have the paddles off, the scraper is a breeze to install.Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase.

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    I used my Toro 621e a lot over the last two years. The wear indicators were not even visible on the paddles anymore. I wasn’t looking forward to replacement because my last replacement was a long and tedious job. The hardware that attaches the paddles is very hard to get at. I replaced the scraper bar as well. I should have replaced the drive belt but I’m leaving that for next season. This job can be done in an hour by a handy person but I took considerably longer. I used a couple of T27 Torx bit with an 11 mm open end wrench. I used a power ratchet with the Torx and promptly stripped the Torx heads as well as the bits. The more experienced mechanic will not have these problems. I only mention it for the newbie. I recommend the paddle/scraper bar kit with a word of caution,…it does not come with the hardware. This would have come in handy as I stripped the old ones and am left with the prospect of purchasing new ones. I hope this helps others.

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    The Toro blades went on perfectly without any issues whatsoever. My Toro is roughly 6 years old and works as if it were brand new. The one thing that I love about Toro is the bolts that they use on the auger are made of nylon threading and the Bolts Are not made of cheap metal but highly durable metal so after six years of use it was extremely easy to take the nuts off of the auger and put them back on with the new blades. I absolutely love Toro snowblowers not only are they easy to work on and last forever if you take care of them the parts are easy to get an extremely well-made for a good price.

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