Generac 7954 Pressure Washer 2900PSI, One Size, Black, Orange Aurora CO

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Generac’s 2900 PSI power washer gives you cleaning power, reliability and—above all—ease of use in an affordable, compact unit you can use to clean everything from patio furniture to driveways and decks. The userfriendly design makes it easy to assemble, connect hoses, move almost effortlessly…

3 reviews for "Generac 7954 Pressure Washer 2900PSI, One Size, Black, Orange Aurora CO"

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    If you are looking good for a pressure washer for use around your home, look no further! The Generac Speedwash 6882 has to be the best sub-3000 psi pressure washer I’ve ever used.Shipping/packaging: The pressure washer shows up in the Generac box with product all over it. If you are concerned about theft, you may want to be home for delivery. Mine shipped a day late, but it was supposedly a carrier issue. It ships without oil in the unit, which I appreciated since USPS left the box laying sideways on my front porch.Assembly: Extremely easy. Just unbox, attach the handle, hose storage hook, and wand holder. Then use the provided paper funnel to fill the engine with the included oil. The oil comes in this cool little pouch like a big manly Capri Sun and it was the perfect amount to fill the reservoir.Operation: I was able to test the variable pressure on the wand along with the 2 fan tips on a dirty painted deck. It started in 2 pulls and purred like a kitten. There’s enough of a frame lip to hold it down with your toe as you pull start it and it doesn’t take much effort at all. The variable pressure proved to be incredibly helpful. I had the wood deck setting selected for the majority of the deck but I could knock out stubborn stains by cranking it up to the concrete (full pressure) setting. Being able to change pressure on the wand was incredibly convenient. Connecting and disconnecting the hoses was very easy with large plastic knobs on each screw fitting. The high pressure hose is another benefit over most competitors. It is incredibly flexible and easy to unravel and put up.Ergonomics: The large wheels make it very easy to roll around. Its 57 lb weight makes it very manageable to move it up and down stairs. The inverted throttle handle seemed weird to me until I started using it. I had no hand fatigue at all in the 30 minutes I ran it.Customer service: Generac has a live chat on their website which I’ve used several times to ask about this washer. They are very responsive and helpful and I get the sense that they stand behind their products and would definitely help with any product issues.Additional items worth considering: 12″ longer lance for taller people or reaching high spots. The Wen brand pressure washer cover sold on amazon is a great fit and will keep the dust off of your new precious toy. Generac power broom for larger surfaces.Summary: I’m typically very critical of my tools but I’m having a hard time finding anything wrong with this pressure washer. It’s portable, it’s solid, and the pressure adjustment wand is awesome. It comes with the necessary nozzles plus some and the customer service is great.I will update my review after testing the rest of the attachments on a few more applications around the house. Feel free to ask me questions!

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    I want to like this washer. I used it on my 13×22 concrete patio and with the turbo nozzle it did a fantastic job. Problem is, when I went to do the front porch the next day, the engine seized with the first pull of the starter cord. It only pulled about 7 inches and froze solid. I had the water supply hooked up and relieved pressure with the wand. I knew I’d put oil in it so maybe (not likely) the oil level was down. When I removed the oil cap, water came pouring out!!! Yup, pump seal, and ruined engine! After just an hour and a half. Well, taking it to a warranty repair shop Monday. We’ll see how long I’ll be without my NEW Generac pressure washer. And I had so many projects for it this weekend. Quite a disappointment.Revised: Ok, just got it back from the repair shop (repairs were covered under warranty) and they found that there was debri in the carb from manufacturing that kept the float from closing and allowed fuel to flow throughout the engine and into the oil reservoir. They were able to clean it up and relube everything and “its as good as new”. However, when asked his opinion of Generac pressure washers, the mechanic didnt speak highly of them. Keeping my fingers crossed and NOT changing my one stars.

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    Sent it back, thanks Amazon for refunding my payment. Read the mixed reviews and still went ahead thinking some people may of had problems. Well mine ran like crap, shaking with low pressure then ran for 15 minutes with good pressure, then stopped and wouldn’t start. Changed the gas out thinking that could be the problem and put in fresh gas. Continued shaking low pressure ran like that for 10 minutes and then stopped. Again wouldn’t start back up.My last gas pressure washer lasted 12 years. This one, 15 minutes. I then bought a Power Stroke with a Honda engine. That one starts easily and runs smooth.

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