Classic Accessories Universal 2-Stage Snow Thrower Cab Aurora CO

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The Universal SL Snow Thrower Cab by Classic Accessories is a mid-sized cab providing protection from weather and snow blow-back.

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    This is my first cab after years of snow in the face. Let’s just say, no matter which one you buy, if it works at all it’s nice to just not have wind and snow in the face. Now to review this particular one.I’m good at assembling things and this had me a little confused in the beginning. The fiberglass rod feels like it’s going to break when you bend everything into the loop to make the frame. I also don’t like that just a few velcro strips hold this to the frame. It feels like the seams will deteriorate quickly over time. I plan to take mine apart after the winter and store it inside.As for mounting to the frame, it’s tricky to hold all of the pieces in place while you start and tighten the bolts. I recommend a helper if you have one handy. Note that the cab bounces a lot while you run the machine and if you don’t get the bolts significan’t tight, the cab will twist on the cross member and be on your head before you know it. Some have mentioned using zip ties at the handles. I got the bolts tight and I only had to stand it back up 2-3 times over 2 hours of blowing the 13 inches that just dumped on MN.I wish that it were a little wider, maybe 2 inches on each side. I have a 24″ machine and the sides are just barely outside of the handles. Also, I have it mounted as high as I can go with the extension bars and my lights still hit the bottom of the cab. My machine has lights on each side up pretty high so it’s not idea. I plan to get a light bar and a switch so that I can turn those off and the light bar on when the cab is in place. Not that I do a LOT of blowing at night but in the winters, it gets dark not long after I get home from work so…Overall it’s not a bad piece. I would buy differently now that I know what I am looking for in a cab. For the price, it’s worth not having the snow and wind in my face. I also agree with the users that reported that the snow builds up on the cab and you have to wipe it off. I plan to spray some pam or something on it to see if that helps.

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    Spend more and get a real one. This one is not good. It arrived with tears, and the elastic corners to hold everything in place is a horrible design (they don’t keep anything in place). I’ve already moved on.

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    Just did my first storm with the new cab works well but I don’t like the way the loop at the top is made its not really a loop part G is a fiberglass rod that does not bend and it keeps the very top from seating also if they had more Velcro at the top sides this would be real nice to help keep the rods in place .I put the brackets on tight in the right place but the whole frame can move so I put heave duty zip ties and the back of the lower frame and to the front of the Handel grips this take some of the bounce out of the cab I have a very nice flat blacktop driveway and this still happens this cab other wise Is well made !

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