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Briggs & Stratton S1227 Standard Series 27-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start and Free Hand Control Aurora CO

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The Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Medium-Duty Dual-Stage Snow Thrower features a 27-inch wide clearing path with a 20 inch intake height for clearing snow from sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces. This model has the 1150 Snow Series 250 cc Engine with 11.50 foot-pounds of torque to power through…

3 reviews for "Briggs & Stratton S1227 Standard Series 27-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start and Free Hand Control Aurora CO"

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    Other than dealing with a freight delivery issue/hassle, (not Amazon’s fault), I’m happy so far with this machine and the decision to purchase it.I researched many makes and sizes of snowblowers before springing for this one. Even tho it’s “made in China” as the box states, like nearly every other machine you can purchase today, I like that this one has a Briggs branded/designed engine, as well as a three year bumper to bumper warranty. To me this made this one a great value for the price.Putting it together wasn’t too bad, but the illustrations and instructions in the manual could be better. Like other reviewers, I used better quality bolts from a hardware store to attach the main lower handle bracket. The ones included looked cheap and I read they can strip. Just bring one along to match it up at the store. I had no issues with hardware otherwise.Mine came with oil already in the crankcase, and it fired right up immediately and runs great. Not too loud either. Controls are easy to use and all functions seem to operate as they should. Makes a little racket as the auger is engaged, but that’s to be expected.I will update this post upon using it for clearing snow.

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    Like others this thing is a beast !! I bought this on a whim ( Received a Great deal ) to replace my Husqvarna st121. I was not sure at first how happy I would be. I have always been used to my Husqvarna Single Stage cleaning right down to the bare ground. I weighed my options and decided to keep the scrapper low. I initially set it up to be a quarter’s thickness. Meaning, I took 3 quarters placed them left, center, and right under the scrapper and adjusted the skids. I figured I’d rather replace a scrapper once every 2 years or so then to have to deal with snow and ice left. By adjusted this and using this on my Not so smooth asphalt driveway, It worked great !! there were a few times the it hit a crack and stopped but, hey that was/is my choice. One thing that totally impressed me was even after driving over the snow pulling into the driveway, usually ours cars pack the snow down my Husq. would never touch it. This Briggs scrapped it right up without even a slight hesitation. LOVE IT.My only complaint’s would be the manual of putting it together. I’m not a manual reader, but I wanted to do the right thing. My issue came to which bolts to use to attach the chute. My cute and holes were not even close to what was printed in the manual. Even after going to the Brigg’s site and looking at all revisions, I still could not find the exact cute assembly. But I got it all figured out.The second problem was with the bolt that is basically the stopped for the chute flapper. It was stripped and the nut was on the bottom of the box. I just ended up replacing the lock nut, with a slightly smaller threaded nut and also replaced the Washers with a nylon washers.Lastly I sprayed everything down with  Lubricant/Corrosion Inhibitor, 11.75 oz. . That I bought locally at Lowe’s. I think with all the right care this will last me a lifetime !

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    I purchased a Briggs and Stratton snow thrower two and a half years ago. Last year the drive wasn’t working as it should. Anytime I went up an incline, I was pushing it more than it was driving itself. I’m a handy guy so I took it apart and there is a friction disk that has rubber around the outside that wears down. Great, so let’s go find this part. Not so great because nobody carries this part and the generic ones don’t fit. I call Briggs and Stratton and they can’t figure out what part I need but will sell me an expensive kit, which they also couldn’t figure out. They gave me that number for a the closest dealer (90 miles away) and they told me that this part is out of stock, not in the channel, and they have no idea how long it could take to get one. Oh yea, and it would cost $84. Everybody else’s friction disks can be purchased for around $20. I’m not happy and I wish I had never purchased this thing. If this problem were solved, it’s a good snow thrower, but this is a big glaring problem and I don’t recommend anybody buying one. If you can’t replace the parts that wear out easily and affordably, the product isn’t worth my time and money.

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