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Briggs & Stratton 1222EE 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with SnowShredder Auger and Push Button Electric Start Aurora CO

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Designed for short to medium driveways, sidewalks, & end-of-drive snow buildup, the Briggs & Stratton 1696741 single-stage snow thrower is a premium snow thrower in a compact package. The 1696741 snow thrower features the largest engine in its class & the snow shredder serrated auger that has 14…

3 reviews for "Briggs & Stratton 1222EE 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with SnowShredder Auger and Push Button Electric Start Aurora CO"

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    I purchased this snowblower in November. The first time it snowed was the east coast blizzard of January 4, 2018. Within 5 minutes of turning this unit on for the very first time, the auger stopped turning. I brought it inside and took the auger belt cover off to find the belt had slipped off the pulley. I reinstalled it. Went back out and in another 5 minutes, the belt came off again. This happened 4 more times until I gave up but by that time, the belt was shredding.This snowblower must now be taken to a service center. I have a car, not a truck so that presented more issues. So, I had to shovel 18″ of snow with 6-8 ft drifts while this brand new snowblower sat warm in the garage. The engine seemed to run OK but sputtered at times. I am very disappointed in that I have never made a major purchase like this that didn’t work the first time out. Not at all happy with this unit.

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     Good quality snowblower that arrived damaged in the package. I notified amazon and they took of 20%. I bought the 14$ oil fill tube (amazon) and 10min was fixed. Snowblower works like a charm for my 84yr old father starts right up like advertised. Electric Chute works flawless. Rubber paddles won’t mark the deck.The steel ice auger really chews up the chunks at the end of your driveway. Best thing it’s super lightweight. Good product overall. Use name brand full synthetic oil and be sure to change after break-in(Snow in video is 8” of icy cold “sugar snow”)

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    I just got mine delivered on Friday 2/22/16 assembly was very easy but the bolts for the chute were inside the snow blower in a bag by recoil area vs. being in the manual bag just a note for future buyers. I filled it up with non oxy gas and primed it twice and it fired right up and ran crisp. I used it 4 times now with heavy snow and it shoots the snow easily 30 plus feet I was very impressed on it’s performance I am very glad I chose the 250cc engine very powerful without bogging down so overall this thing is a beast and I love it. As of 4/13/19 I live in Minnesota so you heard we have had plenty of snow this machine impresses me every time I have used it the last storm was very heavy wet snow and this machine had no issues blowing the snow and slush vs. my neighbors 2 stage kept plugging up and could not shoot the way my machine did without plugging at all. I am very impressed with performance of this machine. Now that spring is here I lubricated all nuts and bolts with tranny fluid to protect from future rusting and drained the gas. Ready for next season Yay!!

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